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There are different shots according to the position in the screen; these are the Master shot, the Establishing shot, the Point-of View (POV) shot, the Reaction shot and the Over-the-Shoulder shot.The Master shot is the shot that covers the entire scene where the action happens. This shot establishes the relations between the characters in the scene. The Establishing shot is a shot that shows or establishes the geography of the place.The Point-of-View (POV) shot is the shot of the camera that sho...
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Social Sciences can be defined shortly as the study of man's society, social behavior and social activity. The study of human society can be traced back from its foundation during the time of the Greeks. During those times, philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle started to show interest with the nature of the human society. In later years, several philosophers also contributed in the field of Social Sciences such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Hobbies, Niccolo Machiavelli and Confuciu...
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Meat can also be preserved though the way of Curing. Curing involves the use of salt, sugar, potassium or sodium nitrate, ascorbic acid, phosphate blend, spices and other curing elements to be able to keep the meatÂ’s quality. This method also improves the meatÂ’s flavor and appearance and retains the meatÂ’s original color.
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The De Facto Government by Insurrection is a type of government that is established as the citizens of the country rise in insurrection against the parent state forming a new and independent government. This kind of government is established when the citizens of a particular colony or a country rise against the parent country and form their own government.
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Economics is the study that deals with how the people in society use scarce resources to be able to produce valuable commodities and on how they distribute these commodities among themselves. It can also be define as the study of the way how the resources, commodities or services are allocated or distributed in the different parts of society.
Published by hunterfact 66 months ago in International Trade | +2 votes | 3 comments
The Introduction is an important part of a speech. In here, the listeners develop their first impression towards the speaker. This is a crucial part since delivering the introduction also means convincing the audiences to listen. The speaker needs to set the listeners in a way that they will become interested on what he or she said; thus gaining their attention and interest to listen attentively.
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To be able to have at least an organized speech, the speaker should consider its three basic parts; the introduction where the speech begins; the body where the idea of subject of the speech is presented and the conclusion where the speech is ended.
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There were three kinds of government that were established by the Americans in the Philippine archipelago during the American period. These kinds of governments are the Military government, the Civil Government and the Commonwealth government.
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There are different sources of electricity; the two major classifications are the Renewable Source and the Non-Renewable Source.
Published by hunterfact 68 months ago in Electrical Systems & Lighting | +1 votes | 0 comments
There are different cutting tools that are used in carpentry; these are the Hatch, the Drawknife, the Gauge, and the Spoke shave, the Axe, the Knife, the Bolo, the Chisel, the Plane, the Diestock and the Saw.
Published by hunterfact 68 months ago in Construction & Materials | +0 votes | 0 comments
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